I'm New To Using This app!


Hi my name is Mandy, I’ve had this app on my phone and had to keep resetting it as kept relapsing!
I am 6 days dry from drink, finding it very hard especially with Christmas coming, but I have to do this or I will definately end up dead!
Looming forward to getting to know you all!


Hi Mandy, nice to meet you. A bit cliche but it does get easier with time. Hoping to see more of you around.


Hi Mandy, and welcome to the forum. I haven’t been here very long either (I’m up to 16.5 days now), but I know exactly how you feel about the grim prognosis of NOT giving it up !!
I understand what you mean about the holidays, but just think how happy you’ll be with yourself when you successfully get through the holidays WITHOUT a drink !
That’s my aim, anyway… we can do it together !


Ironically, the only person that thinks we need to drink is ourselves. On the other side of the coin, the only person that can prevent us from drinking is ourselves. Sure, there are external factors pushing…

Don’t let your addiction out think you!