I'm not a bum or loser but I certainly feel it

Today has been ok, just worried about money problems and trying so hard to get a job. I need a job to help my husband out financially and make myself feel better about myself. I’d love to take 7 or 8 Xanax and not feel anything and just sleep 14 to 17 hours like I used to. On a good note, my house is freaking spotless. Not having a job is making me feel so worthless and like a bum, I just want to do my part. FYI, I have 72 applications in currently :pray: praying the phone calls will start coming soon.


You’ll get a job. My understanding is places (some) are having a hiring boom right now… not sure all the industries but its not only hospitality, if that’s not your thing. What kind of job are you looking for?

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You’re right. You’re not a bum or a looser.
Are you going to bed sober?
Then you’re a fucking winner.
It’s really hard at first. Try and give yourself a break. My house was spotless too the first few months. And I was angry as hell.
This shit is hard. But it will get easier.

Gratitude was and still is my biggest tool. I bet you got a lot to be grateful for when you’re clean and sober.
Try doing a gratitude list ever day.
Keep checking in your worth it.



I have applications in warehouses, restaurants, retail, everywhere.


I am 8 days sober, and you’re right I need to do the gratitude thing. I am trying to stay positive and find the positive in everything negative :relieved:


Dude. You’re job hunting like a maniac and your house is spotless and you’re sober and working your recovery. You deserve to give yourself a break! Keep on doing what you’re doing and you’ll be alright. Maybe say the serenity prayer a few times. Would calm me down in your situation. You’re good girl. :green_heart:


You’re looking for work, how does that make you a bum? Countries are barely reopening a lot of people looking for work, and a lot of companies are hiring. Keep your head up, you’ll land something soon! You would be avoiding a job if you were a “loser”. Dont need drugs, just be patient and keep sending resume


Winners do what they have to do loser do what they want to do

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I know I’m not a bum, it just feels that way because my hubby is working so hard to keep our bills paid. I’ve only been unemployed for 2 weeks, when I went to jail I got out and didn’t have my job. I am trying so hard for another job, send good vibes my way that I’ll start receiving calls from places that would love to hire me. Good night, y’all :v:


We are all our biggest critics. As long as we remember sobriety first, everything else just works. Hugs! Keep kicking ass.


You are definitely a winner from where I’m standing! The right job will come along for you, just give the universe a little more time to put things in place. It sounds like you have a plan and that you are ready to charge on. Take it steady with yourself. You are only human and recovery can be brutal at times. I remember when I was around two months sober and I was wanting to make all of these big changes and was getting frustrated that it wasn’t all coming together when and how I wanted to. I figured that I was sober now and because I’m sober things should be a certain way, not at all how they were. Someone on here said to me….relax. You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. It helped me a lot I hope it helps you? The right thing is coming lady! Things are moving forward (in the best way possible) for you and your family. I wish you all the best :pray:t2::two_hearts: