I'm not drinking today!

Well after a week long binge which included an injury I have firmly decided I will not drink today. It’s a nice feeling to know I dont have to drink. I will not be driving drunk. I will not wake up worried about what I did or said tomorrow. I’m not going to drink shooters, not beer either. I made it to the steam room at the gym already this morn! My stomach hurts so bad…got the shakes.

I’m going to worry about tomorrow tomorrow, but I’ve decided I’m not going to start drinking today. Whatever it takes.

Just wanted to let all that out! These shakes suck, but I’m not going to add more poison! Nope nope nope.


It is a good day to stay sober. Maybe a meeting would be helpful for you?

Yeah. It would probably be helpful. Unfortunately I’m just not up to getting to one today. Broke my arm and it takes me forever to do anything. I have a doctors appointment to get it looked at so that’s my big I got out of the house moment for today.

I’ve met some awesome people at meetings however and what I’ve been doing hasnt been working, so I think you might have a good point.

Not drinking today, tonight, this evening. Not today!


I heard June 7 was a good day to get sober.


Good day to get sober. June 7th. Crappy day to be detoxing though! Thanks!!!


I kept using my arm being hurt as an excuse.

“Oh my arm hurts so I’ll just have a few beers to cool the pain.”

Next thing you know its 5 days later and now everything hurts! Note to self. Booze is not a painkiller either. Found something else it’s terrible at.


35 minutes after my original post and I havent changed my mind and I’m not going to! I’m actually feeling more determined.

Not a drop of alcohol will be going in to my body. Going to be plenty drops sweating out on the other hand.


Give it a few days then when you’re feeling better, you’ll be so glad you didn’t drink today :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’m glad I’ve made it to 8am. I’m not changing my mind on this today.

Was just cleaning my tongue and barfed. No way to go through life. I’m ending this self destructive cycle. Do I really want to kill myself? No. Not today. Nope nope nope. Not with lunch. Not before the doctors. Not after.


Hey, I’m also not going to drink today! :fire::two_hearts::bird:


One of the best decisions you will ever make :grinning:


I’m glad too being sober the best away to annoys this shit alcohol.here heavy raining but it’s awesome to admits I’m feel like singing in the rain…this feeling make me more happy then ever…


Yep! Not drinking today. I just hit the steam room for the second time today and on the way home thought to myself. “Maybe I should grab a beer just to get through this hangover”

The difference today was that i told myself i CANT drink because I’m an alcoholic so a beer would be the worst thing in the world. instead of saying i dont WANT to drink. Laughed to myself and drove straight home.

I mean…getting home from the gym hungover at 1030 in the morning might seem like an easy craving to beat. Who in their right mind thinks about beer at 1030am? Clearly I have a drinking problem.


Just wanted to share because I’m proud of myself for a huge victory for me.


Every little step counts!

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I’m not drinking today either. We can both be proud of ourselves!:hugs::star_struck:


I am not drinking tomorrow… cause its night time here…


Nicely done!!!

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I overcame a few more cravings!!! Not drinking today. Time for a nap. Next stop night sweats lol!

Awww yeah. Nice job brother. Thanks.