Im on methadone amd want to get off safely im so scared i have tried before and came back to the clinic



Hello i am carly i have been on methadone for 2 years and wamt to get off very badley. It has been having a terrible effect on my ulsers and it has made me sober and helped me but i have felt that it is a liquid hand cuffs any thoughts or advise for me please


Best to do a slow and steady monitored taper it will get you off with the least withdrawl, stick to a plan best of luck!


Discuss this with your provider. A methadone taper is best to do slowly. What mg are you on?


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What mg are you on? I’m sure they can provide you with a taper schedule. You can also do a medically supervised speed taper in a rehab. I know rehabs in PA and NY have programs available, and beds available.


Even if u go slow i herd there are horriable side effects for months after i have talked to people that have been through it . Also i have herd that from some people they had a postive out come of it


I am on 65 mlg


Keep your outlook positive! I had an extremely successful taper off suboxone years ago, right now im 47 days cold turkey off heroin, if you do it right and don’t get in your head you’ll be fine!


I also dont want to have to go into a program to get off a medication thats like go me going into a program for a drug. I am confused because i thought methadone would help me stay sober . I am also moving from.ct to ohio next month people places and things but i am 65 mlg i have been to pa apalation trail to try before to get off methadone it didnt work lol i drove back to ct gpt back on the program i did do it cold turkey though not the right way . I am just plan scared . Of it all i have people telling me to get off and it is bad for me it not really being sober. I understand were there comming from as well but it has helped me but has also had medical probs from it such as ulsers so it really is a hard for me to stay on or get off but i do feel i could benfit from maybe suboxin


Dont worry so much about other people worry about what’s best for you!


Methadone is different from suboxon but i am looking to get on suboxon after i get off the methadone its horriable methadone. But i am so happy to here postive news about sub amd congrats on ur sobriety


Ive taken methadone before recreationally ive seen success with people on a taper don’t set yourself up for failure and physch yourself out just do it


Just a heads up Suboxone is still addictive and you will go through withdrawal when you decide to get off that as well. Once you get off the methadone it will be best to stay off opiates altogether. I know you don’t want to do a program, but it doesn’t seem like you have many options if you plan on moving before you can complete a taper.


Horrible wd is just inevitable at this point you cant avoid it if you wanna get clean alltogether. You either have to buck up sooner or later or keep taking suboxone or methadone. Both are opioids.


I can relate to how u feel i was on methadone i was on it and i was allergic to it and my mouth was so sore … i changed to espranor its a new subitex… i went into withdrawal and it was the worst time of my life … im 75 days clean but really want to taper down as i still feel like im using … x


I feel that way too i feel like i am still usimg it is just a diffrent way of getting right safer way legeal and eaiser and i am so scared to get off i want to do it but also every one keep telling me go into a program i hate that i really do i think i need to move chamge people places and things and were i move tp has a methadone program what do u think


Would take so lomg to taper off correctly so it is so hard


I am on Subutex and I am working with an addiction specialist. They are doing a very slow taper. They can do it fast as well. I chose slow because I have a horrible time getting off any medication. I don’t like having to be on it, but for me it has been a life saver. It doesn’t make you high at all. I am also scared of the end game when I am completely off, but like others are saying we have to have a positive outlook. I have a friend who went to the same doc and is almost done and is doing great. So, I have high hopes for my taper. I wish you all the best. I know it is scary. But just think about how it will be when we don’t have to rely on any medication at all. That’s what keeps my feeling positive.


You can message me anytime and also @Natnat has helped me a lot! I’m sure she would love to talk to you as well😊


I was quite lucky as i didn’t have that many people i used drugs with so that was easy 4 me to change. I wont go to pubs anymore so i dont see the old crowd. If u feel u need to movr to stsrt a fresh go 4 it … but remember moving can be stressful and at the moment u need as little stress as u can… but thats 4 u to decide. As 4 a program do u mean rehab? I dont know anything about rehab… but ive been going to aa and ac meetings and they r amazing. I feel for the first time in my life i am excepted 4 me . I can be open and honest and no one judge’s me . They all want me well and support me . Have u tried any meetings x