I'm sad. When I'm sad, I'm gonna vent in here rather than overloading my friend


You can always be yourself here. I have a lot of LGBTQ friends in the room. I’ve heard their stories of what life can be like at your age, but I’ve also heard them talk about overcoming all that to be the awesome people they are today. Though it sucks now someday you will have an inspirational story to tell


camping is good. It wont always be something you can do. What is it that you like about camping?


Lol not camping. I hate camping. It’s a summer camp lol


It’s normally fine. There was this kid who saw the flag sticker on my mug and was like “are you one of them?” And the way he said it, I had to say no, and that was the first time that’s happened. But yeah.


Well he’s probably reeeeeaaally insecure about something


Lol yeah haha


lol got it. ok what kind of camp is it then? what do you enjoy doing there? also, when someone asks you a personal question that youre not ready to share about you could turn the question back around (not in a mean way). but something like “who is them? what do you know about them?” and if you want to answer back about them you could simply say “I support equality”. That way you dont have to lie, you can learn more about the person asking, and share part of your truth.


I like that strategy.


It’s a business camp. It’s been fun but I have to go home tomorrow. Which isn’t fun. But ah well. Yeah, when people are jerks, just gotta make them choose whether to be an outright jerk to my face or to rephrase it nicer. I like it lol.


Camp is over now. Am sad and missing it but also I saved a family of ducks and got to see my dog, but I also miss my friends and ta’s


it sounds like you had a lot of fun at camp. And wow! You saved a family of ducks? that isnt something you can do everyday! nice work! I am glad you made some friends! are you able to keep in contact with them?


It was overwhelming, but so much fun! The ducks were so cute! Yeah, we have a Snapchat group. I actually kinda liked the teachers more tho lol


I’m sad. I miss my friend. I hate my family but have no where else to go. I wanna cut really bad. I kinda wanna die but by starvation this time. And my family makes me hate myself. And I just need a hug but the one person I can get a real hug from isn’t talking to me.


internet hug we all love you.


Lol thanks. Not the same, but thanks😊


Just as Yoda says naps are like hugs we give ourselves. Maybe taking a nap will help. It may feel dark and lonely but never forget there is always someone who does care… God cares and so do we!


you sound like youre feeling really lonely. is the friend you want a hug from not talking to you for a reason?


I think he’s just busy. I don’t know though. We haven’t actually talked in a few weeks which really stinks.


I slept. I’m still tired, lol. Thank you.


So I had a mental breakdown today. They usually start with me laughing uncontrollably and end with me crumpled on the floor telling myself that I’m a bad person, crying, and wishing I was never born. It hasn’t happened in a few weeks which is good, but today it happened in my class. It’s a fashion class and I started laughing and couldn’t stop. A few minutes later I started crying and was able to stop long enough to tell them I was sick and had to leave. But the next train wasn’t for an hour and a half. I cried for half an hour, got a bit of food, and went home and skippedy second class. So now I don’t wanna go back cause I’m scared I’ll get triggered and break down again without the laughing to warn me. I’m really nervous and scared and still hate myself.