I'm sorry if I hurt you

The fact of the matter is, I’m a human being.
I’m flawed and often times okay with my flaws.
.I had hoped I would have a friend or two here to help me through this hard time as I want to be straight and good again… Nevermind. As the judgmental meeting said in my tears of giving and despair ( keep coming back), I think I’m good. Clearly people have lost touch with what it is to be faulted.
Grieve as I may… I have no friend here.


Not sure what happened ?

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I’m new to this community and saw your post I’m sorry that you’re feeling this way new comers I’m AA are always a priority and shouldnt be judged :heartpulse: if you need to talk id be happy to be a ear for you

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I had a relapse, now I feel out of community. I fucked up but I didn’t want to give up. I feel alone.


Okay, so your topic title is a little incorrect… sounds to me, you hurted yourself instead of anyone else :slight_smile:

Relapses happen. Don’t overthink it. You fall down, you get up again. That’s how recovery works.
I don’t think anyone’s opinion on, or attitude towards, you changes by it.
What usually dóes change after a relapse though, is your own feelings and emotions.
You feeling out at the moment, is yóur feeling and yours alone I believe…

You relapsed, shit happens. We’re still addicts… get back ontrack, you’re just one of us.


You are not alone.

You relapsed. You pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and learn. Something needs to change.

Do you need to ask for help sooner? Do you need to attend a meeting and share more often? Do you need to learn some sober emotion management skills? Do you need to develop your mindfulness? Etc etc. There’s something to learn.

You’re a good person and you deserve a safe life where you can be your full self.


You feel. Lesson no 1 of any addict in recovery in terms of importance, not temporal order is: take responsibility for your own feelings.

Then don’t give up.


Your not out of the community when you have a relapse, your out of the community when you stop trying. And your not giving up! You can do this. You need to be aware of what is causing the relapse and you need to expand your tool belt of things to do to avoid those situations and make yourself feel better when your thinking about picking up. Keep fighting the good fight. It gets better and easier with time. :+1:t3::call_me_hand:t3:


You are not alone I fucked uped last week again I’ve been told to stop drinking since I got pancreatitis in 2020 did 8 mths clean be slowly I got back into bad habits

Family mostly ignored me when then I am drinking but years of chronic pain mental health problems lost marriage she told me stop many times wish I had listened but in my head the thirst all ways wins I all ways found an excuse to drink

On day 6 again now hopefully will stay the course

Say strong reach out I am finding this app very helpful and comfortable we have all been there many times we all share this addiction

Send lots of virtual hugs :hugs:


It’s chronic fucking horrible tbh very I’ll with it on that many pain meds it’s unbearable I do try to laugh about it a rare illness I all way though I would fry my liver up until I got the dx I never knew that drinking can cause it they didn’t teach that in school

But thanks for your reply I am confident I’ll stay clean got no other choice tbh


You’re not alone. People are giving support. One person is not the community. And this is about you and nobody else. You got to make it work. With other people’s help.


People are here for you, to praise you for being sober, and to comfort you if you relapse. I relapsed myself many times. Afterwards you feel so raw and sensitive. This can be a busy site and sometimes a post doesn’t get the traffic it might otherwise. It doesn’t mean people don’t care. But it is most important that you care. That you get back up on the sober train.


@TMmarie …I think the vast majority of us relapse. Often numerous times. I’m sorry you didn’t/don’t feel supported by the community here. It is a very large forum. I know I am only able to read a small amount of posts. I know that doesn’t help someone who is looking for support. Please know you are a very important person in this community.


How are you feeling today ? :hugs:


I’m here if you ever need to talk👍

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What happened girl? What was said to make u feel this way? I did post on ur previous post also and I am definitly willing to be a listening ear if u need. Feel free to message me if u like. I’ll be up for awhile :slight_smile: We are all human and that means that we all make mistakes. I truly don’t think that anyone on TS would intentionally want to say something that would offend u. We all have relapsed (and most of us way more than just a few times also lol). Like I said tho, feel free to send a message if u like



I recently joined and the other day I screwed up so bad with my drinking with someone I had a crush on that this person may never talk to me again. We all have flaws of course and we all make mistakes and sometimes people won’t be as open and forgiving as we are and you know what that’s ok. We are going to work on ourselves and forgive ourselves because we are human. Do not go through you’re whole life thinking that you can not make the changes and that people won’t understand or accept you. I am here and if you ever need to talk, no matter how many times you make a mistake, I will be here to listen because we have strength in numbers. :heart::100::slightly_smiling_face:


You’re not alone hun you’re reaching out for help its a start :heart:

I’m sorry you feel that way. I relapsed a few days ago and felt an overflow of support. But it was also my first time admitting it on here, so maybe that made a difference. I hope you don’t give up.

Never feel on ur own always reach out​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:,never stop sharing coz I’m only new on actually first mgs but talking about stuff and letting it out does relieve the mind from racing and gives some temporary calmness,nobody is perfect we all have are faults which is a blessing coz they we can learn from these mistakes and change our ways to grow as a person,take each day as it comes and do something for urself that makes you feel good whether it’s going for a walk,reading, or making your favourite diner anything small that all adds up,we only fail in life when we stop trying so when the world knocks you down 9times you get da fuck back up 10times…be strong​:muscle::muscle: ,you got this​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: