I'm stronger than i realized

So i’m sitting here with some friends and somebody pulls out some dope and some weed… i’m so proud of myself for looking them straight in the eyes and saying “no thanks”. Even watching them go at it, i open up this app and post this to you guys instead of even questioning myself.
F*ck yes!!
Now, to plan my escape without going off on just how disrespectful they are being to me…
Regardless, just wanted to say that yall CAN say no. Y’all CAN be strong in the face of strong temptation.
Get them days, y’all. Get it.


Good job pal. You can’t control other people’s actions. Only your own


Hell yeah on being the better person. Hugs!

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Congrats lady!!! Nooow…get the heck outta there :wink:

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