I'm struggling with a cocaine habit, it starts when I consume alcohol any tips?

Need help with cocaine and alcohol addiction it’s not every day but it’s getting worse


Be careful sounds like you can still stop right now. .maybe stop drinking and just dont do the coke each day will get easier. this is what I believe


Hi there,
Coke was my DOC for 16 years,I ran a business ,worked everyday lived a normal 8-5 life.
Then In the evening I would use coke turn into a monster,stay up all night completely paranoid and the perpetual cycle would start again 7 days week !!
I didn’t think I was an addict as I surrounded myself with life’s trappings(nice holidays nice cars,Nice clothes) then two years ago I started to hear voices in the night after using coke (psychosis) then I had to do something!
I found an CA fellowship online and found myself a sponsor !
Who would of thought this would happen from that first night out with that first line with my mates ??!!

How is your using at the moment ??

Hope this helps you not to hit the same path as me !

This is a solution!!

Thanks Bob


Yup. Don’t take the first drink, a day at a time

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