Im tired of being drunk

I’m 22 years old I have a great job and I have a problem with drinking. I currently am in hard times with my girlfriend because of my drinking problem. I am new here and I hope to meet other people that are having the same issue. I hope to be sober for the rest of my life.


You are sick and tired… of being sick and tired??

Your in a good place.

You should google AA meetings.
There is one near you starting soon.

The promises are waiting for you!!


I wish I had the insight to get help at 22.

This shit doesn’t go away. I had a drinking problem in college, after college, first job, and now at 29.

I ruined a relationship.

Please get it under control by any means necessary. The sooner the better.


Welcome. I agree with @Nullcorp. I wish I’d quit at your age too. It just gets worse. Lots of good people and words of wisdom here. Look around and read posts and you’ll see a lot of great advice and support.


Welcome and so happy that you’re here! You took the most important step of all and recognized that you have a problem, congratulations. Each step you take on this new journey will test you in every which way possible, but also teach you about yourself. You will find strength in the struggles, embrace it. Keep the faith for peace awaits you. Journey on my friend, you’re not alone…

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Take it from a old guy I wish I stopped at your age. My whole family would have been much happier had I gotten and stayed sober. There are meds that help with cravings. Good luck


Good luck, it takes a lot of will power and work, but you can do this! :muscle:

Im 24 years old and have stopped drinking, i didnt really feel the withdrawls, just 2 days with dizzy and sad + craving. Now my 4 day, Im happy i relaized it at so young. Still have some thoughts and dreams about alcohol, do it now!

Be like me, dont wait so it can get worse. My dayli drinks was:

  • alot of beers and wine, my goal was getting drunk and stupid. I did this for 3 years, not so xtreme tho… the last year this got real bad… I even smoked at morning and drinking at night / after work.

Cannot belive I did this, horrible…

Thanks for your support everyone. It’s going to be probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done but I’m ready to change. I feel shitty because of the fact my girlfriend of 5 years is leaving me because of my drinking problem.

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