Imcutting and I need help

I found an escape :metal:t4::metal:t4::metal:t4::metal:t4::metal:t4:

Is there anyone you can call? A close friend you could talk to? I’m concerned about your message

I’m depresssd … I don’t wana die suicide isn’t the answer but I need to realease

There’s lots of ways to find a release, you can try to meditate. Clear your mind. Stop what you’re doing and release your feelings through your words.


I cut already I just need someone to talk to

Hey Kim, I just looked at some of your earlier posts.

What steps have you taken to try to get better with your addictions? Have you tried to join any groups in your area to talk to someone in person about what’s going on?

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Mi just need help

There are helplines you can call 800-273-8255

I’m sorry to hear you’ve gotten to this point. I hope you can contact a helpline or professional about this like @Lionfish suggested. Helping people in a situation where they are actively cutting is something better handled by someone with training for it, it’s hard for us forum members to help much at this point.

I feel for people in your situation, I’ve been there myself many times, but at this moment your safety is most important than how you or I feel about it. So:
1: Stop now if you haven’t already.
2: Remove either yourself or all blades from the room.
3: Make sure you’re going to be okay and don’t need medical attention. If you need medical attention, seek it now.

Let me emphasize that there is no such thing as safe cutting. The shallowest of cuts can get infected, even if you attempted to sanitize everything first. It happened to me, spread to my bloodstream, and I almost died. You could accidentally get too close to an important blood vessel, like I did. You could damage nerves. And that’s just the consequences that come to mind, I’m sure there are more possibilities. It’s never “just a cut”. Consider yourself warned.


Hey man I don’t know you and you don’t know me. But I’m here if you want to talk. Please don’t cut or use, or drink or whatever it is your struggling with. Take a rubber band and snap yourself with it if pain helps lol sorry I’m new here and want to help just as much as I need help.

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Thank you I am ok


I’m glad you’re okay. I assume/hope that means you’re done cutting and you’re safe, correct me if I’m wrong.

Can I ask if there’s anything that happened to trigger your depression or upset you this time around? Or what made your depression so overwhelming that it made cutting seem like a better alternative? Maybe we can learn something from this, and keep it from happening again. You’ll be way happier and better off and safer in the long run if we get out in front of all of this.

If I’ve assessed this forum correctly in my time here, we avoid suggesting any form of harm, even if it seems like it would be less harmful than the alternative. That also includes things like substituting one maladaptive behaviour for another. To my understanding, it’s just that such suggestions can be problematic, and since anyone can read this part of the forum, and at the core this forum is about abstinent sobriety rather than harm reduction.

An example of where your suggestion could go wrong, as an example: generally tattoo artists have training to use the gun safely and how to sterilize everything properly. There are areas of the body where many professional tattoo artists won’t work because of the potential damage possible even at the depth of a tattoo gun, again nerves can get damaged this way, and the sterility thing is again something really easy for even a careful layperson to mess up.

Sorry your right self harm in anyway is not good. I deleted the post. Thank you for the info.