In outpatient and i slipped, now what?

Ugh, it happened, I slipped. This is the 1st time i have messed up but i only started treatment 6 weeks ago. Terrified im going to get kicked out of the outpatient program and the dr wont see me any more. I know the UA is going ti be hot, Do I tell him? Do not want to leave the treatment center,What do i do now?

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Honesty is the only way we will prevail.


Just go in and be honest. Covering it up or lying will not benefit you in the long run.

I drank twice during an out patient program. Nobody kicked me out. They did say if it happened a third time, they’d refer me to an in patient treatment center.


Tell them. There were a few that tested dirty in my IOP and they let them stay. Normally they wanna help you but only if you want the help and by telling them, that speaks volumes.


IOP is forgiving when you genuinely want to change and recover. The important thing is honesty, tell them immediately.

When I did IOP the counselor tried hard to help someone who slipped if they fessed up. The group would work with them to understand why they had slipped, what they were thinking & doing right before it happened, and help them to build a plan for when a similar situation next occurs.

However, if someone didn’t come foreward (i.e. had been lying about their date of last use at checkin each day) there was a high likelihood they’d be asked to leave the program and have to re-enroll another time.

Everything in recovery is about honesty, and this is a great chance for you to practice and learn! You can do it!


Thank you for the push to do the right thing. Want so damn bad to be over the hump where it gets easier, sick of being a failure. Ugh, starting over, one more freaking day at a time…


You helped push ne to do the right thing, thank you! Starting over, hopefully for the last time.


You were right! I was honest, had I not came clean with them I would have gotten the boot. Thanks for the help, starting over for the last time🤞🏻


Honesty worked in this case…thanks for the push in the right direction


Try again and don’t fall into that same trap twice… You can do it… :point_up::slightly_smiling_face:

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