In search of a sponsor, but don’t want to attend a meeting

Hi All,

I began my journey to sobriety on 12/30/2018, and relapsed in March. Since then, I have been spiraling back into back habits. I am looking for a sponsor, but I am also looking to surround myself with sober friends and associates as well. My friends don’t understand sobriety. Thank you for reading :slightly_smiling_face:


I would like to welcome you to this wonderful group. I, like you reached out here myself around a month ago. There are many topics and discussions going on at once. You’ll find yourself some solid people in no time ^.^

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No one understands us, only us. Reach out we are always here even if it’s just to get it off your mind, I’m so glad you have found yourself here, read loads, post loads, and take the free advice. We cannot all be wrong :joy:.

Outside of in-person meetings, I’ve not seen sponsorship. Perhaps this is done through Not sure. :confused:

For support in general, this place is already great though!

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I like what it says in the beginning of this chapter. And in my experience, it rings very true.
“We thought we could find an Easier, Softer way, but we could not…”
you can read the rest for yourself.
And welcome! I’m very glad you joined us


Maybe try at a meeting to get a sponsor plenty of sober people there wish you well

I find meetings hard at times and im around a good few days. But i know that without them and the help of sober people like myself i would not have survived

Thank you guys for responding, and sorry for replying so late. You all have very helpful advice, but the reason I don’t want to go to a meeting is because I’m not comfortable going to those places alone. I know that I have to get out of my comfort zone someday, just not yet…

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Thank you, I will be looking into this.

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Have you tried a womans meeting ?

I feel the same but I finally worked up the courage to go to a womens meeting. It’s a small group like 6 to 9 people. I sat and just listened and found stories I related to then got numbers. No sponsor yet but I’ll get there. Now I look forward to going.

Some of my friends don’t even see problem in me… and some dont even want to talk with me. I remember, only one told me - Only You can decide. Because on the one side of the rope there is a grandma who drinks a glass of wine a month and on the other side the rope there is total drunkhead who drinks everything all the time til the end… and in between there is millions of others… we decide.

Hi Lisa,

I could try and go to a women’s meeting. I’ll look into that as well, and I’ll probably just try to get there before everyone else so it isn’t that awkward.

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Very true.

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