In the Pits

The theme is perspective. How much do we complain about our shit? How many excuses do we make to drink and use? Was that really as rough a day as it could’ve been?

2 days ago, my dear mother uploaded this picture she found to Facebook with the below caption. In 48 hrs, it has been shared 6000 times. In the kitchens, we use the term “In the pits” to say that we are being hit by a wave of tickets and we’re sinking fast. It is hot, its sweaty, its dirty…youre 200 covers in with 7 hours to go and you are up shit creek without a paddle because Carol split the hollandaise. There are days when you want to just rip off your apron and jack it in.

This is luxury compared to the pits.

Every day from here on, when its been a rough day and I’m feeling sorry for my weak arse and I feel like giving into drink, I will think of the men, women and ponys who really were ‘In the pits’. I encourage you to aswell. :slight_smile:

“The year 1900. Miners on their way in a lift, down the shaft. A commute to work.
When you are on your way to work tomorrow, or sitting at your desk, thinking it’s the pits.
It really isn’t.”


Perspective is everything. I say a lot of prayers and gratitude lists throughout my day. Simple things like having working legs can be deemed a luxury for someone who is wheelchair bound.

Lifes always what you make it, you focus on the negative and you’ll see nothing but negative.

Be grateful, stay humble, spread some joy and love.


When I complain, my good friend always tells me “It could be worse Dan, you could be on fire.”

That usually makes me pause and rethink.


I have rationalized and thought about this a lot actually. It’s so sad that we as a society have become such babies… and I’m talking about myself included.

If I lose my phone for an hour I’m undergoing “terribly unbearable anxiety”… sounds like a piece of cake in comparison to being nose to nose with 5 other sweaty men in a tiny elevator.


I have actually been hospitalised from being on fire and I can tell you first hand your buddy is very right.

@JeffreyDale - there is nothing wrong with anxiety, depression or any other mental health ailment. That matters.

Its the little things we complain about that don’t matter and use as excuses that we should remember the pitmen.


I love the saying “count your blessings”. There are so many who never do. I mean not here in ts but elsewhere.

When I’m feeling miserable and sorry for myself I think about my mom who died of cancer. She lived for one and a half year with the message she can’t be cured and shall die.
I hope I never get such a message. I fear that. I’m very afraid of it. In my family there is a lot of cancer. Many died of it.
So when I want to set my feeling in perspective I think about the people who deal with cancer :cry:
So yes, let’s count our blessings :heart:

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Thank you I needed that picture today :purple_heart: