In Times of Stress, We Test Our Resolve

I’m wrapping up my undergraduate film production major, and that means I’m approaching production of my thesis film in late September. I’ve been working on this script for two years, and this film for about 7 months now.

From the moment we’re freshmen here, we hear all about how important these thesis films are, and from my first day I can recall telling myself I’d put everything I have into it. 200%.

I’ve tallied up 134 days on this app, and if I can make it through one of the more stressful periods of the last four years sober, I can make it through anything.

I just wanted to say, I’m feeling good. Stress or no stress, I am beating this. Thanks to all yall for your help thus far, this next month is crucial.


Good on ya, mate. Time forrrr… Action!



134 days. Wow!

Stress is inevitable in life, but we don’t use. Hang in there. you’ll do great. Congrats on the 134 days and keep it up!