Insomnia... Can't sleep. Need advise

It’s now day 76 for me… Still Sober AF. I haven’t been sleeping well since I decided to go sober. Don’t know if anyone else is going through this transition?!
My sleep beforehand came easily, drink til sleepy.
Has anyone else gone through this phase? Does everyone go through it?
Any advise would be great.

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I always have trouble sleeping and from what I’ve read it can be a side effect from alcohol. However, mine was always worse when I drank unless I got completely wasted and took a sleeping pill when I was desperate to have a good nights sleep. Not a good/healthy combination I know! Stick with it and I’m sure it’ll get better over time. I also suffered from nights sweats but since I stopped drinking it seems to be subsiding. Have you been having those too?

No, I haven’t been having sweats. Just re-occurring dreams/night terrors. Waking up in a frantic frenzy.
Hopefully it’s passes and this is just a phase.
Thanks for the insight

Night terrors are horrible. I use to get those when I did drugs years ago…also sleep paralysis.

Do you exercise? I find that helps me. I sleep better when I’m physically tired.

Somewhat, I work in a physically demanding job environment.
But not a gym guy.

I started running about two years ago. Helps to clear my mind and keep me sane! I know many people use meditation as a way to help relax. I haven’t done that personally but may help. Good luck.x

Day 69, I had problems sleeping in the beginning of my sobriety, then all I wanted to do was sleep, now I seem to have more energy and I’m not tired come bedtime, I also get bad dreams about bad things happening, even last night. For me I know the dreams are anxiety related always about new situations and my mind has to think of all the worst case scenario first. With my sleep I am happy that I have more energy but I also know that I’m not doing enough to burn that energy in the day

First of all…that’s awesome with the 76 days! That’s great! As far as you not being able to sleep, I too, went through the same thing. I had insomnia during my alcohol use and still have insomnia, but throughout the years; found that as long as you’re not on medication that will interact with drinking a type of tea that you can purchase at Walmart stores; check out a brand called Yogi Kava Stress Relief tea. It will make you sleepy and it works best if you drink a cup or two about 30 mins before you want to sleep. Also, Valerian Root capsules work too for sleep and relaxation. Check with your doctor first before you take these products, and if alls good…enjoy!- it does help. Hope this was helpful for you! Keep up the awesome work on your sobriety! Great job!


Try some guided meditation before bed. I know it sounds crunchy, but it works surprisingly well.

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