Intergenerational addiction

Does anyone else here have addiction running in the family?
How do you feel it’s impacted on your relationship to substance use? My dad is an alcoholic and has been drinking from age 11. My mum has described his relationship with drugs as being totally indiscriminate-he’d be up for anything, all the time, he’d take anything available and in combination. His alcohol use was a constant presence in my childhood.

I took an abstinent approach in childhood in reaction to him but then once I hit 18 and got kicked out of home and started finding my way around the world I hit booze very hard for a good 6-7 years. Drugs too. I think of him often in my sobriety journey and we clashed over his drinking a lot. I feel all kinds of things, guilt for judging him, wondering if I should let him back into my life or create more distance for myself.

Does anyone else feel like their parents influenced their relationship with addiction/sobriety? What are your experiences?