Interview success and rewards


I had a 3rd interview for an executive position I want for a new job.

It went great, and after I ended the zoom call and felt a wave of excitement my mind said

“Let’s go run, to celebrate”

My mind also said… “let’s go drink”

Ugh :expressionless: it’s scary how my brain has rewired itself for a reward that is NOT a reward but rather a poison to use a celebratory treat ?!

Off to run I go!!!


It takes more sober days and immersing yourself into recovery and a new way of life. It truly is poison.


Firstly that’s fantastic about your 3rd interview…how exciting!

And then, how that excitement in our body can induce a craving to drink. I’ve been on a bit of a deep dive into the physiology of addiction and found some interesting info you might find helpful, so I’ll try and explain it in a nutshell.

When we use, or even the thought of using our brain releases the chemical dopamine - a happy chemical and so the idea of it gives us this high.

Obviously exercise gives us an endorphin hit very similar to dopamine and we get that natural high.

I’ve noticed when I do my daily hike with my dog (1 hour) about 30 mins into it I start getting the endorphins and it feels like the dopamine hit and my mind starts wandering into thoughts of drinking. Having made the connection between the two, I take 5 mins to sit and now enjoy the endorphin / dopamine sensation and know it’s not actually the alcohol I’m craving but the chemical the thought of it induces.

Cravings don’t scare me anymore having learned this…so maybe that’s useful to know.

Anyway that ended up being quite long winded but I hope you get the gist and the job of course!!


Congrats, we have a lot of unraveling to do when it comes to our brains, for so long we have rewarded ourselves with the very thing that has brought us to our knees.
The mind is such a powerful thing but like anything it can be rewired if that’s the right word to use here.

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This is so spot on!!! Thank you for your time to respond and your words :heart:

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You’re welcome…hope it helps :+1: