Is the first day the hardest?


How are you doing today @Newbeginningkiwi? Second day right?

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Yes it’s well night two now over here and I’m just about to go to bed . It was a pretty rough day till this evening and my hangover finally wore off lol. Gotta love a 2 day hangover to be the begging of sober life😂. I’m doing pretty good tonight !!avoiding the beer isle in the store was the hardest bit lol. I’m happiest I’ve have been so far since I quit! This site and the lovely people on are definitely helping heaps!!

How are you doing?

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That sounds great. Now go to bed and you achieved two days. That’s awesome. I’m sitting in the office it’s midday now. During the day I’m fine. What really gets to me are the nights. But I’m busy tonight. Going to meet my sister. So there won’t be time to drink. The temptation is always just when I’m home alone…
Wishing you a good rest. Sleeping is so great without having alcohol in the blood. Last week I completed almost 10 days and I slept like a baby every night. It was so great I want to get there again…
Well done on 2 days…


Glad to hear you have plans for the night and thanks have a great day


The hardest day for me is today.

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Welcome!! The first day is very hard, so are the following days after that. But, it does get it easier and you do become happier!