Is this slippery?


Im 25 days into my millionth attempt at sobriety (2nd serious attempt, the first serious attempt leading me through 2 years of fairly straightforward sobriety)…Ive found I enjoy drinking out of a fancy lowball glass I used to use for alcohol (Peaky Blinders inspired). Anyway, is this a very stupid idea? Drinking half a glass of super strong REAL gingerale out of this glass seems to make me feel good/comfortable…but Ill stop if Im being an idiot. Thanks!


Does drinking out of that glass make you wish there was alcohol in it, or is it just a glass that you have an attachment too?

If I got rid of every glass or cup I drank alcohol out of, we wouldn’t have any glasses. The vessel matters not. What’s in it makes all the difference.

But I am me, and you are you. Your mileage may vary.


No I just really like the glass it makes me feel fancy :sunglasses:


Then drink your fancy ginger ale out of your fancy glass, and drive on! While you are at it, keep getting better at getting better each and every day.


We drink sparkling grape juice out of fancy glasses at holidays.
I also if going to dinner ask for my NA drinks in a fancy cup I like to feel fancy sometimes



I’ve heard varying opinions from different therapists. One told me to trash all of my alcohol glasses. Every single last one. We got rid of most of them. One told me if I was feeling strong in my sobriety what difference did the glass make? Although she did still warn me to be careful. You know yourself best. If it becomes too tempting, or triggery, toss it. Otherwise sip away :blush:


That is hilarious.


If I’m at home and making dinner, many times I have put San Pellegrino in a wine glass. Doesn’t make me want to drink, I just like it 'cause it feels fancy.

Why settle for a boring cup? I drank booze out of fancy glasses as well as warped, beat-up plastic cups alike.


Right? I mean…if we’re really being honest here I skipped the glass altogether quite often. A lot easier to hide the evidence when you’re guzzling straight out of the bottle :confounded: well. So i thought anyway. I wasn’t getting away with anything. Thank goodness those days are over!


This is my happy Viking mug. I’ve drank everything from Coffee to beer and wine, to club soda & POM out of it.

It can’t trigger me, because I don’t want to drink alcohol ever again, and I won’t. Alcohol is voodoo: it only has power if you believe it does.

I don’t.


I celebrated with some cream soda the other day after passing my test because the store didn’t have the candy I wanted. Rare indulgance for me to drink soda! I enjoyed it inthe biggest glass I had so I could fit it all with ice. Dont care that it looked like beer, I never liked that anyway so it didn’t bother me at all! I didn’t honestly even think about it until someone asked what I was drinking lol


I heard a guy in smart say he uses the same drinking glass but with soft drinks because it was like a placebo effect for him, the drink didn’t matter as long as it was satisfying (in the no alcohol sense)


I have a bunch of pint glasses from various breweys and bars, wine glasses and a few shot glasses that I use in that order depending on what’s clean.


When I quit drinking I had to always have a non alcoholic drink on ice. Especially when I drove. This was because when I drank, I always had a cocktail on ice. Like always! Especially when I drove. Lol.

For me it was hard enough to quit drinking Always having something on ice close by helped that.

Youre good pal😉


Like Julian from Trailer Park Boys?


While I agree with the sentiments and opinions expressed ( and if course I can’t argue against someone’s experience!), I am left to wonder why did @Rach28 ask in the first place? When I question my motives in simular situations, I usually come back to the fact that I’m trying to get some vicarious thrill or contact high from an alcohol thing.


Right? I drank wine from the bottle about 1/2 the time - why bother with dirtying another glass? I’ve got a collection of Mason jars I drink everything out of, and that included wine when I drank. Ain’t no way I’m ditching those, that would be dumb. I keep a couple wine glasses for - I have no idea (I did get rid of a few though - I literally have WAY more glasses, cups, plates, and bowls than I’ll ever need. I’m trying to fix that…). Maybe if someone comes over and they want to use one? And I have a couple of hand-blown “fancy” glasses - more like large martini glass shaped - that are awesome to put dessert in. One of them cost about $75 and was a gift. That was stays for sure.

And I’ve made ginger beer before. I’m too lazy to do it now, but it was really good. It was actually nice at the time to drink something non-alcoholic, lol.

A glass is just a glass, and homemade ginger ale sounds yummy - Enjoy!!


I drink milk out of my frozen beer glasses. It’s all good


Milk with icecubes :eyes::heart: