Isolation and loneliness in sobriety

Does anybody have any advice on how to begin rebuilding a social network after becoming sober? I’m 414 days sober and although I feel like I’m in a good place with my sobriety I am currently struggling with feelings of isolation and loneliness. I want to challenge myself and put myself back out there but I want to form healthy relationships. What has worked for people in the past?


Might have to help us with some details about your location, attendance to meetings, and what kind of socializing are you looking for? With that being said in urban areas have quite a few AA gatherings that you can meet others in recovery. Volunteering is a pretty good way to meet people. Again lack of knowledge here but church? Just find a hobby that you would like to get in to or back to. If you are looking for dates then that’s still green for me but I can tell you what is my current attempts and what has been train wrecks. But really just force yourself to rejoin life one event at a time

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