Isolation helping recovery

I am so sad about everything that is going on in the world and anxious like so many other people at this current time. But I was wondering if anyone else has found that isolation is actually helping their recovery? My main triggers were any social situations and I feel that being in isolation is taking away that temptation. I’ve just started a new job and theres a free bar at the office and my new colleague said it’s a shame we cant go for welcome drinks. I feel quite confident that I would have been able to say no to alcohol but I’m glad I dont even have to be put in that situation just while I’m in the early days of being sober. I feel selfish even writing this and finding the good out of a really bad situation but is anyone else in the same boat?


Isolation is definitely helping me. I’m pretty new at my job and they have March madness every year with a lot of drinking. I haven’t learned to socialize sober yet and I was getting pretty anxious about it in February, wondering how I was going to handle it. I was so happy when it was cancelled.

On the other hand, I have a few coworkers that lost family members to covid and I’m waiting for my husband’s test results to come back. Now I’m thinking maybe I would rather be navigating the work events over dealing with this virus.


I’m so sorry to hear about your coworkers losses, that is so terrible! And I hope your husband has a quick recovery :heart:

I completely know what you mean, when I think about everything that’s going on I’d definitely prefer to have to face those awkward situations of just saying no with new colleagues.

I find hanging out with certain people can be a trigger for me too, I’m just with my boyfriend at the moment in quarantine and apart from a few times where we’ve drunk alone (mostly ended disastrously, all on my part…) I dont really think about drinking with him as much as I do with other people. It helps that he barely drinks anyway!

We’ve started creating new routines end the week, I find it’s especially important with working from home all week! After the first week I definitely thought about having a glass but when he reminded me how rough I’d feel the next day I ended up having shleur instead!

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For me it has had a reverse affect. With essential stores being open because I can buy booze and not having to go to work it has been an evil perfect situation to drink and hide out.
Relapsed and starting again .
Not working is really bad for me


You’ve got a great support system there. That’s awesome!! My husband recently gave up alcohol and drugs and we remind each other how far we’ve come when the thought of picking up crosses our minds.

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I’m sorry and sad for the reason I am in isolation. But honestly it has been a huge help to keeping me on track with this sober journey. I’ve been able to journal my reasons for drinking and develop a plan and strategy for not going back.
Prayers for our healthcare providers, patients and families on the front lines.


Prayers sent up for you and your husband… :pray: Hope that’s alright with you… Sorry for the loss of your friends… :bouquet: