It’s only the beginning!


Today was day 5 of being sober. No biggy. Gone this many days before. But it’s different this time. I feel different about it. I want it. I’m reading about it more. I’m making my self help tools. Looking to learn new things. But I’m tired. I’m always tired but I’m more tired today. It was busy at work, my colleague didn’t do much yesterday but that’s not the only reason I’m tired. All I can think about is not drinking. I’ve got my daughters birthday tea tonight and all I’m thinking about is not drinking at it, will everyone be ok with that? Will they want to drink? Will that try and make me drink. And it goes over and over in my head. And then I think of how different I hope things will be for not drinking. How much better a person, mum, friend and confidante I’ll be. And all this thinking, planning, worrying etc is tiring. But I know this time that it will be worth it. These kids want a mother that’s here and safe and I want them to feel safe with me. So its day 5 and the birthday tea. Let’s see what happens. Stay strong Sarah. Your not only doing this for Jess, Liam and Tilly. Your doing this for you!!


You got this!!! Sending strength your way xx


Every day is a biggie!

Can I ask… Have you told others that you’re sober?

Get comfortable around others that drink. Use it as a positive as to why you don’t want one.

Be strong.


People know I’m going sober for 100 days. That doesn’t mean I’ll drink after but I’ve read it’s easier to focus on that than say it’s forever! My family have always worried about my drinking so they are supportive about it but I don’t think some of them understand just how bad it had got as I function really well and hide everything like a pro!


Check back in and let us know how it went :cat:


I’m on 7 days so only just ahead of you. What you say about it feeling different is the same as I do. I’ve tried A A 3 years ago, I’ve tried reducing the amount I drink. I’ve even tried being sober before and lasted 4 days. This time it’s different. I’m on here, thanks to my wife’s suggestion. I’m reading about it and I’m positive about it. And I didn’t drink today.
Good luck with the party. Stay strong


Congratulations on deciding to stay sober for 100 days. The first time I was able to get any length of sobriety I did a 100 day challenge.

For myself, after about 30 days, I found many positive changes in my life that showed me a sober life was worth it. I hope your sober 100 days is also a positive experience.


Sorry… it was bed time in the UK :slight_smile: Just got this…

I have never told myself - nor others - that i’ve given up drinking forever, I’ve made it known i’m not drinking at the moment and I don’t see any reason to have one right now (maybe this is fool hardy… but it’s got me through 200 days)

I even got married 3 weeks ago and didn’t feel the need to drink. I just had to get out of certain conversations before i lost my temper… because apparently “it’s traditional” to have a drink on your wedding day… to which i replied… “I’m starting a new tradition”

So i kinda feel your pain - it’s often others that push it on you albeit in a friendly way

Please let me know how you get on! You got this! Make it a real positive time!


Last night went great. No one drank. They didn’t question why there was just no drink available at my house so no one bothered. I suppose that shows that it was more me that was bothered if there was drink available when we would normally get together for birthday meals. And for once instead of me and my sister trying to talk drunkenly over one another the only annoying people at the table we’re the 8 and 7 year old warring cousins, ha!
Congratulations on your wedding and not nbeing bothered about not drinking.
Today was the first Friday when I haven’t gone to the pub with my dad in a long time. I’ve come away for the weekend with my little one instead. Keeping busy busy busy!


That’s great news! Day by day! Hope you have a great weekend


Well I’m on say 11. And I’m still tired. Not only that I can’t stop eating. It’s scary. I’m craving everything. I’m full and yet I’m still stood at the fridge debating between blueberries and yoghurt or cheese and crackers. Needless to say I’m sitting down writing this with a plate of cheese and crackers! :joy: Did anyone else struggle with this?? Am I just replacing one habit with another. I’ve always been an emotional eater but now I’m just a full on eater xx


I noticed that my diet changed and I gained some weight after going sober. I also gained a sweet tooth which some people on this forum explained was I was replacing the sugar I got when drinking alcohol.


You’ve decided to be better. Now be better.
Keep getting better at getting better each and every day, and it will be different this time.


I know what your saying. I’ll just give myself a couple of weeks then focus on reigning it in more. I have a black tie do in January and the dress I’m wearing needs me to stop :joy: x


I’ve read that too. It’s not good but like I said in my other reply I’ll give myself a few weeks grace then focus on healthiness again. Have you got k dr your sweet tooth yet? How long sober are you? xx