Its a new day. Its a new dawn. Its a new life for me...and Im feeling good.😉

Turning 55 today, more importantly sober!:birthday:

Everyday I try to live an honest, humble life. Where J I give back instead of take…Even though things are challenging for me right now, picking up the pieces from addiction. I am grateful to have myself back, where I can look myself in the mirror and not be disgusted.
I have many reasons to live and things to look foward to.
My addiction was like a long horror movie with no breaks…taking everything and giving little back…and the only ending for me was death.

I am grateful to have a clear head today and to begin to appreciate everything I missed in addiction.:pray:


Congratulations on your great decision!


Welcome to TS, Ron, and happy birthday!

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Welcome to the community :raising_hand_woman: and happy birthday​:balloon:

Welcome! Happy birthday and congratulations on your sober time. It’s a great time to enjoy and a great opportunity to try and build your healthy self.

Thanks for sharing! I hope to hear more