It's all downhill from here

To myself,

I’ll never take that ride again that costs me so much joy in life,
to the shitstorm which spreads in my inner circle, because I dived too deep in the
vicious cycle,
roaming around - loaded with fear and regrets,
every time it’s my only fault to get back down there,
it’s all downhill from here.

Guys, it’s time to cut off the repressive sh!t which keeps us down in life, I came around some very intense moments of clarity, I won’t give in again. The last 16 years were made of suffering, drinking or drugs are only fun when you are young and want to expierence life at its bright moments, but now it is time to move on.

Who’s with me?


Gets my vote. I’m in!

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Nice, dude :slight_smile: I’m excited to feel the new life in my veins :wink:

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Count me in!


I’m proud of you, buddy :slight_smile: We can do this and we are going to change our lives and inspire our loved ones!

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