It's been a long while

Yeah, I did give up. That’s why I wasn’t here for such a long while. Those days I wasn’t here was pretty wild. Because I tried other things along the way…

Luckily i didn’t get hooked on any of them. Like, idk why. The addiction problem I had when I came here is still the same now. They’re the same things, but somehow I didn’t seem to be very attached to them. (The new stuff i tried.) Some are not the type of drugs that are addictive anyway.

Idk where I’m going with this post…

One thing I want to say is, the usual “self harm” I did, I don’t do that anymore. But drug abuse does count as self harm. Just not that visible to others.

Another thing that’s different is that I have a few friends for emotional support and for other help. 2017 summer was really hectic and messed up. I seemed to be a lot more anxious and nervous. I tend to over think more often. It’s weird, how much I could change in one summer. So drastically.

All I’m really saying is that I made no progress on recovering. None. Relapsed countless times. But I came back here to try again and will try to check in everyday.

Welcome back!

I know in my case, the more days I strung together, the less anxious and nervous I was. It did take time for the equilibrium to come back. Lots of exercise for me and a healthy diet.

Try to find a new focus and never give up!