It's been a rough week. Sorry for the long post

My husband and I signed a contract on a house last week. Unfortunately our loan wasn’t getting approved as quickly as we had hoped and we were running out of options. So despite all the hard work and money we put into this process, we decided to terminate the contract and try again in a couple of months. I was devasted :sob: I was sooo in love with that house…:disappointed:

Yesterday was a pretty rough day, and I was about 2 seconds away from hopping in my car and driving to the liquor store. But I stopped and reminded myself that drinking would not solve anything. I’m not going to find a better credit score or bigger savings account at the bottom of that bottle. It’s the bottom of that bottle that has put me in this situation to start with.

I’ve been focusing my energy on cleaning and getting organzied during the last 3 days. I have one month to build up my savings account, raise my credit score a few points, and get rid of all my excess clutter so i will be ready to move into a house by the end of the year. Anytime I get a craving I’m just going to ask myself “do i want to drink, or do i want a house?” That is my new motivation to stay sober. I enjoy feeling productive and accomplished.


Kudo’s You have very good insight. Prayers are with you.

You are on the right track!

You made a great decision…good job! I am sorry you lost a house you really liked, but am hopeful another one, just as wonderful will show up when you are truly ready. Keep up the great work toward your goal!

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Everything happens for a reason. I know that it will all work out exactly when and how it is meant to.


I’m glad you were able to see your sobriety has more value than any material poession. I know that might not be your immediate thought in this situation, but it’s a true test of your resolve, character and determination. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from sobriety is patience and resilience.

Things do happen for a reason, I would venture to say that the next house you find will be your true love and where you are meant to be.

The clarity that your experiencing is only because your sobriety has brought you this far emotionally.

Your doing a phonemonal job! Keep the grind on full speed. You are doing this!


@StrengthoftheMind817 that was strong af :+1::+1::+1: good choice and yes, the next house will be your true love, i’m sure. have a great sober weekend

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