Its been awhile since my last check-in

Hey everyone. Its been about a week since my last post…maybe more…

Dealing with what emotions follows a break up has consumed me most days.

It’s been a month now and I am beginning to accept…despite us still speaking here and there…we are no longer together.

Typically the convos are really her just unloading every awful memory I’ve left her with. She recently made the decision it isnt healthy or fair to do that and since our communication has lessened.

Cant say I feel better…but I guess I dont feel as low. These things are confusing…

No longer together but mentions still buying me stuff for Christmas but not really sure how to go about any gift exchange…

May randomly mention her son asking about me and when I can spend time with him…I give a time and the topic goes dead.

Biggest confusing aspect. Monday we begin couples therapy. I finally asked what her goals were and it hurt to hear but she made it clear she is ok with learning we arent supposed to be together and not looking to therapy to jump back into a relationship.

This is all confusing. I continue to tell myself. Let go of this hope and try to move fwd with my life and figure out what that is. This is hard. I can’t help but hope things will work out for us…

I am proud to say today is day 25. I can’t say I saw myself making it this far…especially with all that is going on…but I am still here…today.


Congrats on 25 days!! Keep coming back :blush:

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It is a pretty darn good proud feeling to make it 25 days. That’s great :grin:
It really is worth it and so are you.

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25 days is an amazing quit! And with all the emotional upset your staying the course…that’s when I believe the quit is solid. When I quit smoking in August and troubles came…they always seem too don’t they, I didn’t cave…I kept climbing. I see that in your quit, and although I don’t know you…I’m super proud of you!

Don’t give up on you…time will tell with the relationship, but your going to be with you forever…gotta make sure that relationship is solid first. You got this…Congrats to you! :clap::raised_hands:t2::facepunch:t2::blush: