It's days like these that I really appreciate sober life

So my Grandma has recently flew over from the states, and tonight and tomorrow she’s staying at mine with my mum and step dad. I thought about the last time she was here, I was pretty much shit faced for 3 days and I cant even remember it properly, just flashbacks of acting stupid and being an emotional wreck. I’m so glad I got sober. This may be her last trip - you never know. I wanna spend quality time with her, maybe take her out for the day in Oxford, not drinking all day at home, slurring conversations that I won’t remember like last time. I admit, part of me kind of wanted a drink earlier cus everyone else had one, and there was that merry vibe going on around me. Then I realised, I’m not really missing out. Making the choice to stay sober is ALWAYS the best one. My mind tries to stray once in a while, tries to trick me into feeding it poison but I’ve learnt not to let those thoughts take control, not to give in to them. Tonight, I feel strong and at 26, like I’ve finally matured in a way.


Good job! I bet you are so grateful to spend time with your grandmother sober. That’s beautiful.