Its gonna be alright

Would of had 2 years next month but I’ve been drinking for about a month but I think I’m ready to start over and not be so hard on myself but just give it another try because drinking is not making me feel better. I’m not going to say I drank because I lost a job and my boyfriend broke up with me and things were really hard for me for a while but I could of reached out but I didn’t I just let the pity sink in. So thank you for letting me share where I’m at and I’m so happy to be alive and getting another chance at life!


It’s great to have you back . Try and take it one day at a time x


Good on you welcome bk and embrace your journey ,and be kind to yourself were only human after all💕


Welcome back, I’m glad you’re reaching out and letting us know where you’re at. They say we’re only as sick as our secrets so good job on telling on your self. Have an awesome day :sunglasses::metal:t2:!

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