It's madness

We work our whole lives away, slaving during the week, to go spend all the spare cash in a pub til on the weekend and get wrecked, what kind of life is that!?


Hamster wheel!


Personally I believe it’s a disconnection with ourselves and the world around us driven by pain and suffering in our lives.

Some are just more susceptible to using drugs to block that out.

I see it in generations of my family, friends throughout my life and of course myself.

Often the cycle of working to then blow out completely at weekend fore I think is a knowing that we are not fulfilled in the life, work and ultimately purpose we think we have.

It’s a mad world


What do you think the root causes bare mate? If you get to the ultimate drivers of using drink or drugs in that way.

Is childhood Trauma, born that way so inevitable despite any variables from nurture, purely behaviour driven from experiences or mixtures of the two etc etc