Its not okay

While Im very sympathetic to the fact we are all recovering addicts on this forum my sympathy only goes so far. Even if you think the forum is better off without others, keep it to yourself. There are people on here who made connections with those who have left and just because they rubbed you the wrong way does NOT make it okay for you to act childish on this forum about it.

We are all adults here, being an addict doesnt give you a free pass to act disgusting.


I agree. If you’re not talking about recovery and sobriety, and instead talking about other people, you should be talking in private messages or not at all. I don’t mean this for one specific person, but for anyone on here.

I’ve removed some of the posts on this topic that started to get a bit personal.


Closing this as further discussion is not constructive. The message is clear enough: Talk about recovery and sobriety.