I've lost count

Hi. New here. I’ve been sober 11 days now. And its the longest I’ve been sober for a very long time. Almost 9 years. I’ve been drinking on and off EVERYnight. and not a couple of beers a glass of wine type, no. A pint to myself, by myself watching Family Guy eatting taco bell. And I thought, if I’m still able to keep a job, my family hasn’t said anything, I’m doing just fine. But I was spending soo much money on alcohol and hotel rooms just so I could drink ALONE. That’s just the beginning of my story, but every once in a while I’ve gotta remind myself, why I’ve chosen to live sober. Hoping to get as much as I can from this app, I’m tired of trying and failing. I feel like I’m soo much better than that. I’ll be posting on her often, I feel like I can get a bunch of my booze related rants off my chest. Thank you all in advance.


I’m also at 11 days today. I can relate to spending ridiculous amounts of money on alcohol and justifying it because I was a high bottom drunk. It just gets worse each time I relapse. This group has helped a lot already and I think just reading other people going through similar struggles with non-judgement helps tremendously. Hang in there and I’m here if you need to talk.


Welcome! I relate to your story so much! I too drank pretty much everyday for years (more like 2 decades). I didn’t exhibit the traits of the stereotypical alcoholic (or what I thought was) so I thought I was doing alright. Then shit quickly started going down hill, that’s when I decided to make the change, and I’m glad I did

Just take it one day at a time and you’ll do just fine.

Congrats on 11 days!!

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104 days. You got this guys

You can! It deffinitely helped me to be here much.
So welcome here and congratulations with your 11 days sober, may many follow! :facepunch:

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