Jamie's Journey

I am going to use this page as a kind of sober journal to try and add another area of focus in these troubled times, and the app itself isn’t giving me enough incentive so…


Had to reset already, and I feel so ashamed that I couldn’t even do one day. Where’s will power when you need him! :disappointed_relieved:

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Don’t worry I had this app for about a month and hit reset every morning before I did one day sober. Hang in there

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@JamesOnTheWagon if your looking for that special bullet to quit your not going to find it.

You need a real plan! In the beginning your addictive brain has warped your sense of “normal” completely. I thought it was normal to drink a 750ml/fifth of rum, whiskey or vodka a day. SMH.

Don’t be deterred, but you need to refocus yourself to “zero” as your new normal.

Well I fell off the wagon again yesterday. It seems like every little negative thing in my life I turn to drink and/or pills. I need a better coping mechanism. The lack of motivation to do anything at all is mind numbing.

Doing well, staying strong. Still not 100% but getting there. The first two days are definitely the worse so if you guys can handle those, you can handle the next two years. Keep it up people :grin:


Hi All,

Hope everyone is kicking ass!

Im proud of my progress so far, got a dream graduate job, got the girl, got a flat, and more importantly got a handle on drinking. Don’t get me wrong I’m still having a drink at weekends, but I’m attending work all week and working out afterwards to exercise the body and mind so I really do feel like I’ve turned a corner. If I can handle the sober weekends, I will be winning, therefore, I feel I am still climbing this soberiety ladder.


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