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I want to start this thread because it’s something I do every morning! I read the Daily Reflection from my NA Just For Today book and message others in recovery to discuss its meaning. I find it’s an awesome morning meditation.

I’m hoping to get some good recovery based discussions started here with this! Here’s todays JFT! I’ll post them daily :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:

Just For Today
January 11

“As we develop faith in our daily lives, we find that our Higher Power supplies us with the strength and guidance that we need”

Basic Text, p. 91

Some of us come into recovery very frightened and insecure. We feel weak and alone. We are uncertain of our direction and don’t know where to go for answers. We are told that if we find some faith in a Power greater than ourselves, we will find security and guidance. We want that feeling of safety and strength. But faith doesn’t come overnight. It takes time and effort to grow.

The seed is planted when we ask our Higher Power for help and then acknowledge the source of our help when it comes. We nurture the tiny seed of faith with the sunlight of our prayers each day. Our faith grows, a reward for living life on its own terms. One day we realize our faith has become like a huge spreading tree; it doesn’t stop the storms of life, but we know that we are safe in its shelter.

Just for Today: I know that faith in my Higher Power will not calm the storms of life, but it will calm my heart. I will let my faith shelter me in times of trouble.


Love this… maybe you’d like to pick up where others left off? @Englishd used to post this on the daily. I’m a big fan.

NA Just For Today


Oh I had no idea!!! I’ll scrap this thread then probably!


Don’t scap it, new members will benefit from this


Don’t scrap this, there’s lots of us here that didn’t see it before and will find it really helpful :blush: