John Barleycorn whispers


he has been whispering in my ear the last couple of days. “You were more fun, you did more adventures, life was great those days,”

I liked the feeling of not knowing what’s gonna happen, the adventures, meeting people at bars, drifting away, living on the edge. My mind totally glamourise the drinking days.

I need to do more fun stuff sober so my mind start glamourising those days too but its hard! I feel boooooring!


Hobbies! Got anything from a more sober time you miss doing?

I’m loving gearing up for backpacking season for the first time in years. Lost all passion and capacity for it when drinking. Now I’m feeling ready to scrap with a bear!*

(*Dear bears, totally kidding. No scrapping, please.)


I just got myself signed up for a course. Doing new thing makes my life more fulfulling.


Maybe try a meeting get sober friends get phone numbers plenty of people there who will go out and have a sober day with you wish you well


Yeah I got my hobbies :slight_smile: i guess its the social thing i need to work on. Having fun with friends, going out have always been surrounded by alcohol