Just blew 47 days of sobriety

I just bought a shooter and drank it. I just wanted to do it. Im not drunk from it. But there goes 47 days. Wow. Just like that. Im not gonna drink more. I just feel guilty.


It’s a learning experience. You stopped. But it makes you realize how much you value being sober, doesn’t it? How precious it is to be fully human, not numb, not clouded - how precious it is to be your full self.

Have a shower, go to bed, wake up tomorrow and make tomorrow a sober day. That is in your power.

You’re a good person. You were a good person yesterday; you’re a good person today. You still are. You deserve a safe, sober life where you can be your full self. :innocent:


Thanks. I appreciate the kind words. For me it usually takes about a week for the alcohol to really sink its teeth in. Best to stop immediately.


But You were able to stop and you came on here, that shows improvement IMO. Don’t look at it as a failure but a learning experience.


I think people make mistakes in life, I think that’s how all of us got here and guess what we all learn in life you’re a human being and you can make yourself feel bad about it or you can treat it as a learning experience.

I think its humbling you’re being so hard on yourself yet you didn’t continue. I bet 47 days ago you couldn’t have done that. The gift of sobriety it allows you to make better choices because your mind is dealing with conscious decisions in the present and not hiding.

I think this was a good learning experience for you and I’m glad you decided to not continue. Those 47 days have shown the difference, growth. So you know you can do better this time.


I agree 100% with everyone. The fact that you just had one and stopped shows amazing growth and strength. We all make mistakes but if we didn’t, how would we learn what we are really made of? Proud of you for recognizing that you couldn’t continue drinking. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, check that guilt at the door, and march onwards :grinning:


Are you done yet? That’s what they asked me and that’s a tough question to answer - for me, for a long time the answer was No. I always had a reservation in the back of my mind that I could return to drinking, maybe not normally but at least without consequences. Your track record seems to say that you might have a similar desire or belief.

I hope you find what you need to stay stopped before you kill yourself or someone else. This disease comes with excruciatingly high demands.


It acually took me about a week of thinking about it to acually take the drink. Everything has been moving upwards when i chose sobiety. Like alot. I mean alot. But I dont feel enthusiastic. My sponsor called me arrogant for taking too many job interviews. Then said he thinks i dont have many close friends. Then said he just said that to get me to open up. I don’t like AA now.


Next time, when you are thinking about drinking, come on here, we will happily talk you down. I wouldn’t say taking lots of interviews is arrogant, but sobriety takes up a lot of mental bandwidth, especially in the early days. I personally think trying to rake on a lot can be counter-effective. And that does sound an aggressive way to get you to open up. Many addicts suffer from few friends; we alienate them, or hide ourselves from them.


New day. Glad i stopped. Lesson leared and im back to working on sobriety. Thanks guys!


Good for you! :+1:

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I agree next time if you are thinking of drinking come here. I did that 2 days ago. It stopped me drinking
@littlemisschatterbox that’s mainly thanks to you. Thank you so much.
Now @ lightyears6 don’t you worry. Just get back on it :slight_smile:


Don’t get down on yourself. It happens. Jump back in with us and be strong. We’re all here for each other.

You are making improvements because you did stop and you did come on here to talk about it :purple_heart: you can do this :muscle::raised_hands:

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Don’t beat yourself up. I just relapsed recently but got straight back on the sober train. Chuuu chuuu. All aboard buddy. There’s plenty of seats.

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