Just Hit 24 hours w/o a drink..... want one now suddenly.... no one will know, and what f*kn difference will it make..... plz help

Recently decided to give this sober thing a try… just recently burned some relationships to the ground will really no hope of fixing them… that’s what pushed me to reach out for help. Sitting in my room depressed as fuck. Depression has been a big problem for me for years. I just hit 24 hours like an hour ago. Feeling bored and useless as fuck right now and its kick starting the anxiety and booze really helps me not give a fuck… this really sucks.


Hey, I know EXACTLY how you feel !! I’m coming up on 48 hours, and upon returning from my 12-day business trip, I found that I had left two 500 cans of beer on my kitchen counter. I SO wanted to drink them… but… they went down the kitchen drain instead.
You can do it, we all can.


I also struggle with depression. It’s true though, no one will know. No one but you, and that’s the most important person. Staying true to yourself is the only thing that matters. When you look in a mirror, who do you want starring back at you?

Take up a hobby you enjoy or physical activity. People do dumb things when they’re bored, even non alcholics. Do something good for you.


Can you go out and take a walk? How about a warm bath? Watch a movie. Do a puzzle. Dance to loud music. Go for a bicycle ride. Go to sleep. Eat something sweet and yummy. Bake something.

Early days are rough, no joke, but the days add up if we allow them to and we become stronger. And it does feel really good waking up hangover and regret free.

Seriously, you KNOW what will happen if you drink. But what about sobriety? It is a whole new world out there that we can live in sober, all sorts of experiences we can have sober, that feels so much more positive than just getting shitfaced drunk again.

You are worth more than bad decisions and burning down relationships. :heart:


But you will know. 24 hours is an awesome feat. Push to 25 hours then 26 hours. Can you get out and get some fresh air? Or do something that pleases you (other then using)?


There are 9 IPA’s in my fridge, and a half gallon of Barcardi in my fridge right now. I havent tossed it cause I just see it as money wasted. Cause let’s face it. If I’m gonna drink again… I’m obviously gonna do it whether it’s in there or not. I’ll just buy more. So, why spend double? Makes no sense. Ugh. I just want to scream at the world :pensive:

I would have to disagree with you, but only because I’ve been in exactly the same situation, and have thought exactly the same thing. No one can force you, obviously, you’re an adult and can do as you please. But I think that it would be best for YOU… are those few cans of beer and that bit of rum worth more than your health and happiness ?


@Jose_NYC I totally relate man. I didn’t burn a bridge I blew up the f***ing village my last relationship. There is nothing you are going through that a drink won’t make worse bro. I’m glad you’re reaching out it shows you want to change. I’d suggest going to a doctor and talk about possible medication for your depression and anxiety. It doesn’t have to be forever but it can help while you’re getting sober, it’s helping me. Here for you if you need to talk bro stay strong :sunglasses::metal:t2:


Dang @SassyRocks you always have the best things to say you’re AWESOME!!! :sunglasses::metal:t2:


Jose, there’s no polishing the turd. You are setting yourself up to fail unless you are prepared to kick those beers and Bacardi out and leave them on the doorstep of a neighbour you don’t like.
It’s commitment, but boy is it worth it!


I would rather believe in myself and set myself up for success by pouring that crap out. Why tempt yourself? Or why sell yourself short? You CAN be sober, you just have to choose it and stick with it. Hell yeah it is hard, but make it a little easier on yourself by pouring that stuff out.


I love this, loads of us do this for some reason. That’s your alcoholic mind hanging on for dear life. I bet you can’t even imagine pouring it away, I bet bet it seems so foreign bc your life has been programmed one way for so long. You can’t even comprehend having spare time to do things instead of drink, everything is boring now isn’t it, you can always try again another day anyway.
The fact I know you agree with me is bc you are not alone mate and if I’m correct about this then listen to the advice of everyone on here bc they are also correct about recovery. You do the Impossible and tip that alcohol away and you can make the other impossible possible, stay sober for one more day.