Just my thoughts


thinking about self harming a lot in these days. I managed to stay strong tho. my eating disorder is becoming louder and louder. today I ate bread with Nutella and I’m feeling so guilty.


Did you eat the whole loaf and the entire jar, or just a slice or two with some spread on it?

It’s about realistic perceptions.


Hey, I am a recovering anorexic, I’ve been in recovery for years so I’m a bit out of touch but can still relate. Are you working with professionals on this at all?


:heart:️ you did the right thing by reaching out. Good for eating a little too.
How are you now?


no I don’t


okay I guess…


2 slice with some nutella


Could you find a therapist to work with on this to work on the deepest parts of this?

How did you get through the moment yesterday, what worked? What tools are you using when you are feeling down currently?


That sounds like a normal, reasonable portion, what a reasonable person able to control their eating, would eat.

The body needs fuel.


I hear you. It’s hard. But I think you are doing well in your pursuit of recovery. You’re here, trying to get better. That deserves praise and recognition.

Like @Yoda-Stevie said, your body needs fuel. So eating is not bad. Don’t think about calories. Think about the nutrients that your body needs on a regular basis, and how you can meet your needs to stay healthy. That thinking has helped me a lot.


I just cry and wait.


Have you looked up eating disorder recovery at all? I’m not sure where you live but there are lots of groups, online and in person. Eating disorders isolate us, which just makes them worse.