Just signed up, i wanted another aid for my tool bag

Hello my name is K and i am a real alcoholic. Im 55 yrs old and I have 17months sober with life to go. I am grateful to be here and very fortunate to have been told about this app. My story is like this… I was breathing and Existing just so i could DRINK, My Job, Family and Friends they became mere things i had acquired along the way. THEN my body screamed uncle and I reluctantly stopped drinking. Being told i have 3 months to live, sprinkled with “get your affairs in order” was enough for me to stop. I am now on the transplant list. It wasn’t and hasn’t been an easy road I will not LIE. I just know today I need the Help from this program and the fellowship with others of like minds.to obtain my long term goal. My short term goals are as follows To wake up sober!, to go to bed sober!, and be of service when ever/where ever possible, To All you THANK YOU ever so much for listening.


Welcome to the forum. I hope you’re able to get what you need from this community that will assist you on your sobriety path.

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Welcome to TS, K! I hope you are doing well! I’m sober 18 months and love my new life.

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