Just Takes Discipline


I used to smoke 12 or more big bong hoots (weed) every day and decided it’s too much. Regardless of what some say, weed can become a strong habitual and physical addiction.

The key to quitting: GRADUALLY use less and less until you stop.

I simply took a count of the number of times I was hitting it. And kept a mark on a calendar every month. First rule, no more than 12 any given day. Then next week, bring it down to 11 hits max, then slowly to 10 max/day, etc…

It’s hard when you quit a habit and are faced with that hole of nothing to do instead. It’s like ripping a mask off your face, except half your face gets ripped off while you were pulling it off, because the drug has become such a big part of who you are.

Cold turkey would have never worked. It’s too punishing. And just buried the problem which will resurface later. I knew this before I started. But gradual easing off does work.

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How long have you been sober for now? Do you have any plans for when you stop? I ask because life will definitely test us till the end with ups and downs. Our plan or tool box that we keep helps us through both.

Wise words. Life does test you until the end. And having gone through the journey of quitting, I feel confident that I can do it again.

After I quit. I was a different person. I was better at everything. I rebuilt a lot of friendships and dated many beautiful girls.

But after a while, including now, I started smoking again. Way less than before, though.

I’m closer to finding a true balance. Because I do enjoy smoking weed, but I don’t enjoy some of the side effects.

(edit: I was totally sober for about 1 year)

Just so you know this is an abstinence forum where people come to talk about getting sober. Not smoking weed in moderation.