Just venting i guess

Barely a week into sobriety. I’ve been drinking for 10 years, not once have I truly wanted to stop and I didn’t. But last week I finally put the bottle down. At the same time I swore off cigs and weed. It wasn’t just about the alcohol. It was about being free from anything that would keep me from finding myself again and being a better person. I just found out I may be evicted after losing my job and I gave in and found an old cig and smoked it. I know this doesnt sound like much but I feel like I failed. Thank God I didn’t pick up the bottle but I picked up another vice. I guess I’m just frightened that I thought I could quit it all at once. And one slip up I beat myself up for. Anyway I know this sounds minimal just needed a place to vent. Thanks for coming to my ted talk


Baby steps man. Taking on all those vices at once takes courage. Welcome to TS.


First of all, good for you for not picking up the bottle or smoking the weeds! That’s a huge step considering trying to quit THREE vices at once. I tip my hat to you on that… I am currently on day 10 of no vape and I’ll admit, it has taken me longer than I thought it would to be able to put it down. I started one at a time… first thing that had to go was alcohol. Period.
Little did I know that by going to meetings, gaining a sponsor and doing the steps… this would lead me to having the right tools and strength to take on the smoking/vaping addiction. One vice at a time but alcohol had to go first. Then the drugs were easy because those always came into play if I was consuming alcohol.
I guess my point is that by focusing my energy on one addiction at a time is making the transition of other addictions a little more bearable because of AA and the 12 steps.
I’m impressed you’re quitting three things at once! So try not to be too hard on yourself if you take a drag of a cig after 7 days of going from 100mph to 0mph… You’re doing great. If it becomes a consistent pattern, perhaps try removing one at a time. It may be more manageable and more rewarding as you start to gain the skills and strength to take on the next vice.
You can do this! Looking forward to seeing you around =)


100% agree with what’s been said. I just re-started cigs 3 years ago bc of my drinking and the thought of stopping both at once wont work for me. At first I thought, for me, drinking and smoking went hand in hand, and I’d be able to stop both(if I quit the booze). But that wasnt the case and I didnt beat myself up about it. For me, drinking had to come first. Cigs, as horrible as they are, do not have the same impact on every aspect of my life as alcohol does. And as much as I wish to quit again, I know I need a little time in between vices to have success. You made it 7 days without a smoke(and weed and alcohol!). That’s great. I feel like a cig is the least of the three to worry about at this time. But you can conquer them all if you stick with it and as the others said, maybe find a program. All the best :heart:


Thanks so much everyone, this is why I love this community already. Honestly the only reason I didn’t go for the bottle was because as I was thinking about it whilst smoking said cigarette I was scrolling through posts on here. Alcohol is first and foremost something I can never touch again but I realize that I also have to be realistic about this process or I won’t last very long. Thanks so much for the support.


I’m sorry that you’re going through stress at the moment. My goodness! Giving up all that at once is a lot to deal with! I agree with the guys above, slow and steady. I’ve read quite a bit of what you post and you seem like a lovely person. Please be kind to yourself my friend. We put so much pressure on our selves and beat our self up so much. Breathe and cut yourself a little slack. I’m sending strength your way… stay strong and keep reaching out. You are heard and you are safe here :pray:t2::two_hearts:x


Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re taking on a lot at the same time and that can be a recipe for disaster. I would work on the alcohol first and conquer the cigs further into sobriety. I gave up all drugs and alcohol at the same time but I wasn’t about to give up vaping.

Really what you are doing is a lot at once, so do nit be hard on yourself for that slip. All you can do is get back up and keep pushing harder next go around. Use this feeling as a reminder the next time you think about reaching for one…just remember how it made you feel when you did give in. To me nothing is as powerful a motivator as having my own actions make me feel bad.

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I smoke as well. I am qorking one at a time too. I figured stopping both at the same time would be to much for me. I also could not see myself quitting cigarettes while still drinking, I knew everytime I had a drink the smoking issue would pop back up. I also realized, as you mentioned, that while cigarettes are bad health wise, they simply did not wear on relationships and create other issues like drinking did. Let me know if you need a quit smoking buddy! lol