Keep it up everyone

There is more love then i ever imagined in this beautiful world. We are a peacful humans when we want to be. We are unique. We care about someone. We are smart. Love and compassion should be just as contages as the bug. We are brave. We have spirit.

Breath… We will get through this.
All we need is our mindful patients. We will be ok. <3


Hello everyone yes let’s keep it up we got this especially right now when times are tough addicts do not like isolation it’s the worst being alone in your house looking at the same four walls over and over again in your mind thinking about whatever the hell you’re thinking about yeah it’s tough It’s going to be very tough these next couple of weeks or a months or whatever but I learned in group today that you got a stayed distracted do something that you like to do I don’t know whatever it is you know and just stay positive and distract yourself you know maybe maybe I don’t know if you’re up for but you know maybe go for a walk I know you shouldn’t really be outside but go for a walk around the block if you really have to get the hell out of the house for a minute you know or clean the house or exercise inside the house you know pull up an exercising video just anything that floats your boat just do something instead of just sitting around in your head staring at the ceiling going crazy you know us addicts got to stick together if you need anyone to talk to please message me I’m here for you hopefully you learn something and hopefully I learn something from you


The times are crazy right now. And self isolation is just awful at times. Many of us have wondering minds that sometimes just go nuts. Busy hands and hobbies are always good. I cant wait till all this virus crap passes on and everyone is able to go out and spread their wings. This sober chat is amazing and I wish like hell I had known about it when I had first got sober. I’m so happy I can be open with like minded people here when all meetings “in my area at least” have been suspended. The ability to get things off ones chest in a judgment free zone is life saving. Keep up the good fight all!!!


Oh i know i literally just found out about this like what two hours ago not even I’m grateful that I stumbled across this and I know that this is going to help me just reading everyone’s posts and everything and being able to talk about anything without people judging me is great I mean yeah I used to go to NA AA but they shut down here in Chicago to so yeah I like this its going to be awesome that we have this here because you know I used to go to meetings all the time so this is definitely going to help me and all of us


heyy i read your profile

happy late birthday my good man

keep up the excellent work

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Hey, thank you dude. And my your journey be enlightened with fulfillment. I look forward to hearing more of your achievements and plan on sharing more of mine when they come.

We’re all in this together Good Sir. :v::100:

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welcome to the app

its tottaly amazing and their are great people