Kept my promise

I mentioned on here a week and a bit ago I planned to abstain from the alcohol again and I have! I have also invested in a shiatsu massage chair which has helped to ease my tension and stress and finally had three nights sleep of 7 hours for the first time in two months due to panick attacks and stress. I realise now I wasn’t listening to my body and my needs to relax! Prior to this if someone said relax I was like huh? What’s that all about and actually my bottle of wine was my switch off moment. I never realised it’s an actual thing an actual practice and daily thing to keep us healthy and well and prevent heart disease etc!
So still hanging on feeling a bit brighter only had a few panick attacks two of which were in town today. Kept thinking I’ll have a cigarette but I’ve thrown them in too!
Happy at the moment not saying I won’t ever pick up again but whilst I’m not I’m sticking two fingers up at addiction and hello to my happier life fingers crossed!!
@anon13078412 this ones for you bud!


Cool well done. I didn’t get your message until the next day sorry. The first weeks often the hardest so that’s awesome. How’s your anxiety these past few days. :+1::+1::+1::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

What the… have you gone to heaven

Still getting paranoid thoughts but I have an anxiety disorder anyway so I’m starting CBT this week too

That sounds like it will be helpful I see a lot of people on here talk of CBT and how it’s helped them, perhaps search out some of the threads about it so you have an idea of what it’ll be like, it might also settle any nerves that you may have for your first session. I’ve just signed up for the Annie grace thirty day alcohol experiment as there are a few people on here who seem to be getting a lot from it. Maybe it could help you out a bit, obviously not with the paranoia but to change your relationship with alcohol and how you view it. It’s really easy to sign up for and it’s free. It’s good to see your doing well. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Glad to see you’re still going strong! I’ve had panic attacks for a while now off and on and I know what a trigger they can be to pick up a drink. Have you ever tried guided meditation or yoga? Both have helped me in the past when anxiety tries to take over.


Thanks guys no I haven’t I haven’t tried either of those.
My relationship with alcohol is very scarred at the moment as I’m too scared to drink for fear of dying. I’ve never felt this way before in my entire life

Well done mate! Let’s make another promise for a week then?
If you can do one, you can do two!! :facepunch:

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On it for sure

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I’m using the free version of Simple Habit. They have meditations specifically for anxiety. Check it out. Maybe it’ll help. CBT is a great tool as well. Looking forward to hearing that work for you!

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@Verte_yeux congrats on a week!
A massage chair… brilliant idea!

Hey @Verte_yeux is the chair you’ve bought like this one below? They look quite good for the money I might get my dad one for Christmas to help his back. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Mine was from Argos 99.99 it’s good!