Ketogenic eating ... ditch the carbs!

Seems like there are a few of us eating keto. Feel free to share your progress, tips or suggestions and ask questions here.

I just celebrated my 1 year eating keto and am pleased with this way of eating. My initial reason was to ditch the sugar and hopefully lose some weight (not easy as a post menopausal woman). My sweet tooth after getting sober was out of control. Keto has solved that and also I dropped close to 30 lbs so far, would like to lose another 20…but 10 would be fine too.

I have recently found Rebel keto ice cream at my grocery store and man, that has ignited my sweet tooth…but just for Rebel ice cream. :grinning::icecream::grinning:

Anyway…hello fellow keto eaters!!




She was just talking with some of the Villians about starting this.


Villians? Do tell?

Its a preposterous suggestion, ditch the carbs and load up on the fat… to lose weight, but from my own experience, you’ll lose weight, have all the energy you need and it really simplifies eating choices.


I know!! It took some doing to eat all that fat at first!! And people look at me like I am nuts when I explain how many carbs I eat in a day and how much fat. Goes against all ‘they’ taught us.


It is a Google Hangouts that got titled that when @Forged was in Disney world. He said “goodnight, Villians”. And it stuck. Mostly it was for off topic conversations here to avoid excessive derailment.

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Ah! Nice!..

Thanks for starting this thread @Sassyrocks! I was trying to have a Keto lifestyle while drinking and it did not work at all. I gained weight. Because if you eat all the fat and “cheat” with carbs because you got the munchies after drinking a bottle of wine in a night well…you’re going to gain weight. Thankfully my husband is on board with Keto. I do well during the weekday but evenings & weekends are hard for me. I’ve found that hot tea with liquid stevia to sweeten helps my cravings in the evenings and keeps me from wanting to munch on stuff. I’m on day 3 of restarting the Keto diet at this point. My other big challenge is all the Halloween candy my coworkers have on their desks. I’m just taking it one day at a time. Reminding myself to take it one day at a time, like I do my sobriety, has helped.


Glad your husband is on board!! My husband doesn’t eat keto, but he doesn’t have a big sweet tooth, so that helps. He does love pasta, but that doesn’t tempt me anymore.

In early days you really need to eat A LOT of fat to become fat adapted. When you were taking in alcohol previously, you likely never got fat adapted and that is key.

I bet you need to eat more fat. You should be eating fat to satiety in the beginning. And it was a lot for me. Avocados with olive oil were my go to when I had any cravings, with salt too as our sodium gets low in keto. I also made fat bombs and they were my treat.

A very helpful site for recipes and reliable info is Diet Doctor …and no need to sign up for anything on the site, lots of free info!


I start my day with coffee that has 1tbsp of coconut oil, 1tbsp butter (grass fed) and 3tbs of heavy whipping cream. My snacks are usually nuts and cheese - plenty of good fat. But I’ll check my macros using the app I’ve used in the past. Need to get that back up and running. It’s called Cronometer. I definitely can tweak some things. In the past I’ve had the problem of getting too much protein in a day. Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out.

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@Sassyrocks - thank you for this! Such perfect timing. I had to go cold turkey on the sugar, so I decided to go all in. I will happily take all suggestions!


Hello, fellow ketoer here. 30 days on, 25 pounds down. Same with the intense sugar cravings when I quit drinking and thats why I got on Keto. Feeling good, feeling energized, no more cravings, avocados with lots of lime juice, pink salt, and tajin is my go to snack! Im the crazy coworker thats like “let me smell it” so all the girls have gotten used to it by now. Donuts are breakfast for us on the weekends. I just smell em and Im good. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Lotta people drink bulletproof coffee to start their day, and your coffee sounds pretty bulletproof. Cheese is a good go to for snacks, it is usually 50/50 fat/protein though, so it may not be as satisfying and it can cause bowel blockages lol. The only nut I really know of to be good for keto is the almond, most the others eat up a lot of carb allowance.

20 carbs a day, it’s a limit, not a goal.

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Agree on the 20 carbs a day, I try to keep mine around 12 to 15, tho if they are veggie carbs I am okay with that.

I think macadamia is better suited to keto than almond. And I agree on the cheese has a lot of protein.

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Need to research my nuts. :wink: Because I’ve been eating a small amount of raw pecans with some cheese as a small snack in the afternoon. I’ve heard macadamia nuts are good too I just don’t really care for them. I need to just look around. I definitely stay under 20 carbs and don’t count the veggies as much.

So guys what would make up 20 in carbs, how much of what :thinking:

Love this comfort food recipe book :+1:


Check this out and see if it answers your questions.

Pastas, breads, sugar, potatoes, rice are all foods to avoid on a Keto diet. Any veggies that are grown underground tend to have more carbs than above ground veggies. I use an app on my phone to find out what foods have more carbs than I need. Give that website a look and see what you think.


I’ll need to look that up! I love one pot recipes!!