Kratom kinda (definitely if you ask me) sucks



The FDA, however, continues to warn against kratom, even suggesting that it could worsen the opioid epidemic.


It’s completely unregulated and entirely unsafe. I’ve seen people preach about the wonders of Kratom on here, when in fact it is nothing more than plant based heroin.


I’ll defer to you on drugs but this opioid epidemic is bad. If this plant Kratom is getting people off of opioids why shouldn’t I support it?


I just worry that it’s unregulated, and therefore not administered by a doctor. Clearly it has negative effects during pregnancy. But it is also addictive. I am not a huge fan of subuxone/methadone as a maintenance program, but at least it can be monitored by a doctor and entered into your charts. Just because it helps get you off one drug, doesn’t mean it’s good. I used heroin to stop drinking at one point.

I also worry that people come on here (he’s no longer around) and talk about how great it is, but fail to mention that it’s still addictive substance. At least suboxone and methadone are fairly well researched and most people are very aware of the addictive nature of those drugs.


Many think because its natural it has no wd affects but it still does feel like opiate withdrawl. I cant back any of it up as ive never used it to detox ever…


This thread is locked but some useful info for anyone thinking of trying it:
Trying kratom:


Interesting. I use this daily.


I’m not pregnant


Haha. The govt needs to regulate everything?

Although, I agree, people should understand what they are consuming.

Thank you for raising concern to individuals attempting to use other substances to aid recovery - always research with an open eye and weigh the pros and cons.


If you use kratom, don’t fool yourself, you’re not sober. It’s still an opiate and WDs can be brutal, i messed with it for several years