La die dam la die da sleep hellooo where are you


Yet another sleepless night but I will take it as progress day 4 now!!!


It’ll get better, I promise. Your body needs time to heal. :heart: Are you doing all the usual good sleep hygiene stuff?


Yes I did and I even made myself a glass of hot milk no sugar still nothing …but it will get better at least I still stay strong and will push through this ups and downs


Audiobooks and YouTube meditations (or listening to the wise words of Eckhart Tolle!) may help you fall asleep. It works for me. Even if I do want to actively listen :smile:
Stay strong! You will get there in a few days or weeks. Give your body a chance to find its natural state.


Thats a good plan its been a long time since i’ve read a good story thanx!!! And the music sounds like the best plan yet just to keep my mind from wandering off to accuse me again of all my mistakes


I discovered a secret last night!!! Milk with nutmeg !!! I slept like a baby last night