Last night I relasped

Last night I relapsed and I feel really guilty and I just dont know what to do right now

Get up dust yourself off and plan what you can do differently this time to make it stick. Step things up a gear, find a meeting, order a sobriety/recovery book, tell all your friends and family your done drinking (drugging). If nothing changes nothing changes, but on the other hand you can use today as the start of your new sober life, make it happen my friend, we are all rooting for you :+1::facepunch::muscle::slightly_smiling_face:




Did you speak to your mum about things. You have to dust yourself of and start again :smiley:

I want to tell my parents but i dont know if its bad enough to tell them.

If they don’t know and it is constantly being left where you can get to it then it may well end up being bad enough. What happens when you develop a tolerance to it. Do you then seek out oxy and then maybe worse. I think the stage your at is it’s not so bad that it will completely destroy them. I’m not suggesting you will go on to much worse things but you feel bad that you took it again, it can’t hurt to do something that will limit or stop your access to it.:smiley:

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I dont want to tell them. They will bring up bad memories which will only trigger me into wanting pills.

This is great advice Fran!

Hang in there bud, it happens. Thanks for giving me the courage to stay sober one more day. :yum:

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I hope your day gets better mate (I saw your other post). I’m in a similar position, not in regards to where I’m living but there’s virtually no meaningful friendships etc in my life. I know what to do about it but normally just always isolated myself and got high instead. I think things will improve when we are ready to get out there, it’s still early :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


U haven’t failed to succeed until u fail to carry on trying!!

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Hey @Ddrecovery, I feel for you. I get so much support and guidance and validation at AA meetings that I rely on attendance there as a cornerstone of my sobriety. And around here, anyway, we have so called speciality meetings put on by young people or LGBT folks, etc. That may be the case with NA meetings, too, but I don’t have experience with them.

The meetings led me to a program of recovery that allows me to stay sober and to discuss things with my family without falling into the shame and blame game.

Even if your DOC isn’t alcohol, the only requirement for participation at AA is a desire to not drink. Which you probably have! You might check one out, or more than one to find something that suits you.

Blessings on your house :pray:.