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My cat has reoccurring ear infection and it has been suggested to start her on a hypoallergenic diet. I can’t afford that kind of cat food and still meet my savings goals for the alpaca farm dream. I decide she must need a more natural diet. Even though I live in public housing there are forest elements that leave a lot of little game like squirrels running around everywhere, like, free for the taking… Hmmm… So if I hunt with some of this time I have I can meet the goal of feeding my cat, killing time, and staying on budget. What to hunt with? I am a convicted felon and am not allowed to own a gun in top of the fact that I don’t really care to. This leaves sling shot kinds of choices and trapping. Trapping sounds cool, sorta passive in the waiting game, and involves building traps = fun and building things from trash is something I do well. A trip to the library gets me a cool book on hunting, trapping, and foraging! Colleen points out that they do sell pre-dead meat at the grocery store, which I am ashamed to admit had not actually crossed my mind yet. So, cool, plan 2 gets Saorise eating cleaner sooner, but now I am into this hunting for the cat plan. I don’t eat meat so didn’t give much of a crap about this till it mattered to one of my tribe.

I have a lot of problems right now that I don’t want to detail but involve morality, parenting, the school system, mental illness, co-parenting, and the law. Just, breathe… I need a useless battle with some squirrels to distract me but also teach me to strategize in my bigger problems. Last year I listened to The Art of War. I think it needs to be revisited as it relates to my current problems, realizing my roar needs to be a hum, and how to hunt squirrels. If memory serves from a past job where a coworker had problems in a new house with squirrels and moles then this is going to get good. He introduced me to this YouTube channel where this guy hunts rats in his barn and uses all kinds of past or abstract traps to see how they work with night vision cameras. It was so cool.

Anyway, when doing sobriety gets old or thick, what is your latest bullshit whimsy that keeps you sane and feeling alive while meeting the restrictions of your life?


I am not sure Colleen would like seeing you a kill a squirrel after you trapped it. But you didn’t ask about that.

Oops…hit reply too soon! Adding more…

We have armadillos that dig holes under the foundation of our house…or try to and go around digging up plants and such. They are adorable creatures (don’t eat them tho, they can carry leprosy). We do like to discourage them, husband often traps and relocates them, but I am always looking for a deterrent. So I go around sprinkling different things on the plants and ground…cayenne pepper being one, coffee grounds another, also neem oil (which is also good for bug repelling). None of it really works, but I keep trying because I am compulsive, so there is that.

FWIW we currently add a little olive oil to our kitties food to get more fat in her. Can you find a workaround with some addition? Tuna juice water? Just a thought. Stress also can cause the recurring utis, our kitty gets them too.


There may be legal implications to killing squirrels - something to check into based on the state you are in, as it varies by state. See here, for example:


Well I have started letting Chalmer feed her tuna off a fork so that they can have some bonding that looks like something other than him chasing her as she unknowingly taunts her delightful tail all over the place.

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He must be getting so big! Kids and cat tails…dangerous for both!

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Haha, as it happens we were contemplating teaching her to hunt for herself with the caught game but rigging the deck in her favor by kind of making a coliseum and pitting the squirrels against her gladiator style. Smh

So, legally, we aren’t killing anything by allowing a cat to hunt a squirrel.


Becareful with your decision here. Yes you can feed your cat small game (ie rodents) but they can come with diseases either for your cat and/or people. This also could maybe get you kicked out from the public housing? I’m not sure about the latter but something to consider. Sorry to hear about your poor Kitty. I love cats.

It would need to be more Thunderdome than Coliseum.

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Chalmer dressed. That took a minute. Im on GoCrew (a local mass transit ambassador team) so I get a lot of bus swag. This is him on the bus with the socks and his toy bus matching the actual bus.


That’s cruel, don’t do that. The squirrel vs cat gladiator thing. Don’t do it.

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What is your latest bullshit whimsy?

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Look at him all big boy and bus matching!! And so blond!! I love those sox.


What do you mean? Not sure I’m following your “What’s your BS whimsy” question. Are you ok?

It is the title of the thread…


Yes, and then you talked about your cat. I just skimmed it but thought your cat’s name was Whimsy and it was BS that it keeps getting ear infections. So, I ask again. Are you doing ok?

I’m going to ask you to read posts in their entirety before you post, especially if you are going to not so subtly imply people are not sober.


No, I’m not. One could be going thru a tough emotional issue. There are depressed people on this app who reach out too in different ways. I was just kindly checking if you are ok. I’m jumping off this thread as I WILL NOT condone animal abuse in anyway. Take care of yourself. I will not respond anymore.


Enjoy early sobriety.


Great idea the circle of life my friend the circle of life

That’s CLASSIC!!! I reward my sobriety (Day 31) by doing things I’d never do b/c of hangovers, dehydration, fatigue, lack of motivation, etc. I was spending a lot of money on alcohol, so I figure, I can set a little aside to try finding new passions. So I took my car to the Street Legal Drags. $20 for as many runs as you want. I have a stock SXT Challenger, ZERO modifications, but learned how to do burnout’s, got my launch reaction time down to .0157, met some great people, and got to drool over some seriously nice cars.
I am ALL for a good distraction from alcohol and excited to live my life differently than the first half!