Laughter and sobriety

Ok so, one of the things I worried about was how will I have fun if I can’t drink? I’ve lived so many years drunk at parties, weddings, hanging out with friends, even funerals. One of the fears of getting sober is worrying that everything will became boring.
Today my sister and my niece video called me. They were both drinking, already drunk. I was fine with that, it’s their lives and I can’t do anything about that. We talked for over 2 hours. We started playing with filters, as one does, haha, and I laughed so hard it made my stomach hurt! Big belly laughs full of joy.
When I got off the phone I thought omg! I had such a great time, and I feel such happiness completely sober. I feel frickin great! I’m not worried about it now.

44 days.


laughter really is the best medicine, well done on your sober days BTW. :+1:

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That’s awesome!! I’ve often thought that too if I’ll be as “Fun” sober and being on lock down I haven’t really been around many people… other than my immediate family. Thanks for sharing! :blush:

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Kick ass! 44 days is amazing. You really are doing great!

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Tis better to laugh with, than be laughed at. When I was the “life” of the party I now suspect that I was more or less the clown of the party.


I love reading this. It’s always a fear of mine also. I feel like I’m boring now.

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It was such an eye opener for me. I already feel 100 times better mentally and physically, but it surprised me how much fun I had just being my authentic sober self.
I did feel kinda bad for them. They both talked about stress and anxiety, gave their reasons for drinking. I just listened, but wished I could magically make them understand how much better it is over here AF!

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This was one of the big hurdles for me, especially in the early days … aka first 200 haha… I was so lost and confused as to how I was supposed to have fun anymore, as I’ve only ever done it with alcohol, and everyone around me loves a drink and a party, was I going to “fit in”, be accepted, feel wanted, have a laugh and a good time… it was kinda overwhelming, the unknowingness of it all, and it caused a lot of fear. But, the beauty is, each time I mustered up the courage to go anyway and to own my decision, knowing it’s the best one for me, and to believe that I AM fun, and kind and a good friend, daughter, sister, colleague WITHOUT the need for alcohol, I had THE BEST time, and even better - I would feel SO frickin proud of myself and it would give me more confidence and courage. That’s when I realised that sober life really is my best life. Its where I find joy and can live without regret, depression or despair. I can own my decisions and behaviour and feel good about who I now choose to be and the kind of life I want to live. Its the BEST. Now, at almost a year sober, I just got to remember this truth, for there is still that voice in my head that pops up every now and again, trying to convince me otherwise, but I know better now. I won’t drink because I don’t drink, and sober life = my best life :raised_hands: for sure! :blush: And I believe this is true for everyone. Especially my fellow Sober Time friends here. Love this share @Paulaloha it’s an amazing feeling hey!

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Congrats on 44 days big accomplishment. You have a great point i did the same thing with my brother and it turned out to be a great conversation. Being sober is somethinng new to me but I am fast getting use to it 100 days today. After what you said in your story I know you ain’t going back. Stay safe and sober.


If you want to laugh just keep up with the meme wars here!
We have a great laugh :joy::joy::joy: