Learning how to live sober

Sober is hard, my emotions change so rapidly that im struggling to understand how i actually feel about my life. For years ive allowed by surroundings or activity to influence how im feeling and as soon as that wasn’t positive - i drank. And i drank alot for years. Perspective feels blurry…im 29days sober im scared but i know this has to be better than trying to find peace or meaning at the bottom of a bottle. Thanks for listening guys. Stay strong x


Congrats on 29 days!
Your definitley heading in the right direction if you were willing and strong enough to put that many days behind you…
You seem determined which can be all the strength you need sometimes…stay focused on what got you to this point and know that everyone here is going through the same thing and we are all here to help if you need it!
Stay strong…stay sober!


Stay strong! 29 days is an accomplishment. Learning how to cope with strong emotions sadness, anxiety, disappointment, even happiness can be difficult for us as addicts. Stay sober.


Congrats on 29 days!

I think staying sober is just the beginning. It’s the very first step on a long journey. We drank for a reason. The rest of recovery is about finding the reasons and working through them. It’s about healing ourselves and finding a sober, positive lifestyle. You got this!


Thanks for the kind words and support. It a tough but worthy ride. Ill hit day 30 today. Happy sober day xx


Learning to live sober for me means a whole lot of time and effort. Which I am ready to put in.

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